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10/10/2014 -8 Color Schemes, 2 Style 3 BG PSD's, And A Preppy Text Tutorial Added!
10/8/2014 -12 Color Schemes Added!
10/5/2014 -10 Color Schemes, 5 Fonts, 3 Elaina cutouts, 2 Angie cutouts, 1 Alicia cutout, 2 coloring PSD's, 2 Deco PSD's, and A New Layout Added!
9/25/2014 -1 Angel cutout, 4 Elaina cutouts, 5 coloring PSD's, and 10 downloadable fonts added!
9/21/2014 -Site is Opened!


BG PSDs Coloring PSDs Fonts Sign Deco. PSDs Textures Border PSDs Color Schemes Patterns SM Cutouts Coming Soon!


Text V1 Coming Soon!


Brooklyngirl MintCrave Rhytmix Gradiance Sky-Shine Believe GlowLovin PinkWish Lucidity LoveVoltage SugarLace Affie?

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Owner: Laura
Program Used: Photoshop CS5
Best Viewed: Chrome
Date Opened: 9/21/2014
Credits: Header - Coding Help
Hello, Welcome to Dollface!
Here you will find all your photoshop and site needs.
Thanks so much for visiting, and remember to drop a beautiful comment if saving/using anything!


So all I really gotta say is that I LOVE the layout I won from Erika @ LoveRose! It's just so damn amazing. I also have been having small updates but just wait for the major big update I have planned for around the end of October. I have seen my content being used and I am just so happy and excited.. THANKS so much guys, this has been my most successful site yet :) ! But yeah, keep enjoying and lemme know what you wanna see more of on my site by either commenting in my c-box, or messaging/contacting me on FB! Talk to yall's later!
-Laura xoxo

Finally Open!

Finally, after quite a while, my site is finally open! I am so excited to open my new site. I have been working my booty off making new content and what not, but it was all worth it! I know I have had several other sites, but this has been my favorite, and I am gonna do my best to update the most I possibly can. I have so many wonderful ideas in mind for different content and tutorials to make, so just keep your eyes out on future updates ;). Thanks so much for visiting the site, and I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer at this point!
-Laura xoxo
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